Updated Ticket & Location Announcement Policy

We have received a lot of feedback over this year's randomized ticketing policy. First most, we want to say we hear you and understand that the new rules are confusing and we are sorry that this has been a hardship on the Balsa Man community. The Balsa Man higher ups have had numerous meetings over the past couple months trying to figure out a way to make this work for everyone — from the tiny artists that make Balsa Man the wonderful creative place it is to the puny theme camps that fill it with vibrant community to the little new faces who bring fresh energy to Balsa Man.

We know the new revised rules won't make everyone happy but we have every confidence that even though it is tiny the Balsa Man community is strong enough to come together and heal the small rifts of these trying times.

Revised Rules for Ticketing

  • As of today August 1st, new online donors no longer receive tickets as part of their donation (all donors prior to Aug 1st will still receive their tickets as promised).
  • Artists who receive art grants receive a ticket (additional tickets can be requested for large tiny art projects). Please submit for an art grant today!
  • Dept of Tiny Works, and other Balsa Man volunteers receive a ticket.
  • Any other people that the Balsa Man Org deems important to the event receive a ticket.
  • Everyone else who wants a ticket must play to win at the upcoming Balsa Bingo event (Saturday 11th) or at another TBD Balsa Man Ticket Casino Event.

Location Announcement Policy

  • Due to certain troubles at last year's Balsa Man, the location will no longer be announced on the main Balsa Man tiny mail list.
  • You must be a ticket holder to get on the location announcement email list.