Toothpick Man, Near End of the Beach Regional

The BPAF has just received this marvelous little grant request and regional proposal. We all immediately loved the idea as, as we know it is a small struggle to cross all that sand.

Toothpick Man, Near End of the Beach Regional

Keith Schon

Toothpicks, photo by Svenneman

I had a lot of fun last year participating in Balsa Man: volunteering at the Cafe, driving my RC art car around.  But the fact of the matter is, hauling all that stuff all the way to the far end of the beach is a pain in the ass.  It takes a lot of time, preparation, and endurance.  And all the "coping" — sand in my shoes, trying hard to find people… geeze!  I can't do that every year.

This year, I want there to be an alternative for all those people who can't get their act together in time for Balsa Man.  I intend to hold an even tinier event:  "Toothpick Man".  This will be held in the parking lot, or at the base of the stairs, depending on  circumstances.  The scale for this event will be approximately 1/5 that of Balsa Man, (i.e. 1/80 scale).  It will involve creature-comforts that are simply not available at the far end of the beach.

Grant requested:  $5 * 1/5 = $1

Simply bitsy brilliant Keith! We are more than happy to award you your grant of $1 and we will also be sending you a 1/5th size official regional certificate.