Tiny Art Grant Award: Balsars

The Balsa Man event has already gained it's share of tiny art projects that the full sized participants can stoop around and enjoy. But where are the little people? Where are the puny participants who can appreciate the tiny art as the huge feats of wonder they really are?

Never fear for the Balsars are here! The amazing team of Greg Andrea, Betania, and Jeff are bringing these little 1/16 scale participants to life in balsa. The tiny Balsars will even have little Porta-potties! And all they ask for is $2 for blue paint so that the Balsars can find their porta-potties—how can we not fund some a perfect project?

Balsars (front)

Balsars (back)

Congratulations Team Balsar for your award of $2 from the BPAF!