Tiny Art Grant Award: Temple of Pet Peeves

Gnomes, paper doilies, Bambi with an upside down Hebrew letter tav on it's forehead, and nigh indecipherable psychotic chicken scratching. Oh and something about a Temple of Pet Peeves, so they might be building a temple… Or they might not.… We're really not sure. Hell we're not even completely sure that Sophia & Ray are completely sane.

Anyway, we had Joseph check the Balsa Man bylaws and it doesn't say anything about how many temples Balsa Man is supposed to have. So, Balsa Man 2009 might go down as the year of the dueling temples: The Temple of Minor Irregularities Vs. the Temple of Pet Peeves.

Congratulations Sophia & Ray! The BPAF has granted you a tiny art grant of $2 for your Temple of Pet Peeves or whatever it is you are planning on building.

Temple of Pet Peeves (front)

Temple of Pet Peeves (back)

Now remember we gave you a grant so uh… if the gnomes tell you to do anything bad to us—or our pets—don't listen to them!