Tiny Art Grant Award: Polar

The Pacific Ocean here in San Francisco is not known for sweltering temperatures; however, that does not mean we do not need ice. Surely, if there was no ice, one's drink may get lonely with only the glass for company. At Balsa Man, ice is especially useful just in case a participant gets over excitable; you then may find yourself in dire need of ice to cool them down.

For these reasons and more, Balsa Man has approved it's first vendor: Polar, the one and only location where you can buy precious ice at Balsa Man! All proceeds of ice will be donated to local charitiable organizations.

Polar will be no boring vendor, Veronica Fetzner and Simon Sutherland's artistic vision using foam core for Polar is excellent and their detailed postcard encapsulates why the Black Pebble Arts Foundation has chosen to award them a tiny art grant of $15 so they can buy baggies. This is a large grant by the BPAF standards, but we feel it's justified due to the importance of having ice available at Balsa Man.

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Tiny Art Grant: Polar by Veronica & Simon

Tiny Art Grant: Polar by Veronica & Simon (back)

Congratualations Veronica & Simon!