Tiny Art Grant Award: Fleck

We all love Michael Christian's work here at the BPAF headquarters. Unfortunately, his artwork is often far too large and we sadly had to deny his art grant proposal to this year's Balsa Man. We asked if he could reduce is vision, but he decided to bring his work elsewhere.

As unfortunate as this is, we did not fret long for in the mail we found this joyful grant proposal!

Fleck (front)

Fleck (back)

A homage to bit Michael Christian and Cute Overload! I didn't know that was even possible! Our dispair dissipated, everyone on the BPAF grant review committee instantly raised their hands in favor of awarding Rachel and her art project Fleck a tiny art grant of $5.


Rachel has already crafted her adorable Fleck which can be seen here: Fleck on Flickr