Tiny Art Grant Award: 1/16th Indian Tacos

This Tiny Art Grant Proposal did not pass our review the first time around. While the teardrop trailer is cute and noticably smaller than an RV it is nowhere near 1/16th scale. Then it became lunchtime and our ability to withstand the tempting nature of the "Nom Nom Tasty Tacos!" went out the window.

Ultimately we were really won over by the arguement that the 1/16th Indian Tacos while not necessarily to scale physically are conceptually to scale as the chef themself is 1/16th Indian.

Congratulations Courtney and Roy, which ever one of you is 1/16th Indian has been awarded $5 for the purchase of Bisquick to make frybread!

[Click to Enlarge]

Indian Tacos tiny art grant proposal (front)

Indian Tacos tiny art grant proposal (back)

All additional Tiny Art Grant awards will have to wait until after the BPAF tiny art grant review committee has had lunch.