The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art (Grant Awardee)

First off, while Colin appreciates the new title Brigadier General, he wants everyone to know that the bMorg is no dictatorship. And he's quite happy with the titles he already has: Chief Tiny Officer of Balsa Man, Director of the Black Pebble Arts Foundation, and Lead Manager for the Balsa Man KCrew.

The BPAF didn't really know what to make of this art project: The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art, by QueGee. We respect that it obviously has a lot of meaning for QueGee who says that "I built her for 8 years in homage to 'Burning Time'  and now I want to give her a proper sendoff!" However, no one on the BPAF committee knew what this Burning Time was nor could they fathom why a cafe would require to be continuously under construction for 8 years. Nevertheless we did like the idea of a roving cafe and appreciated that this strange little project truly meant something to QueGee.

Thus, the BPAF unanimously voted with a shrug* to award QueGee a tiny art grant!

The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art (front)

The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art (back)

* The BPAF bylaws state that any vote with a shrug cannot be awarded a full grant; thus, we sent intern "hotpants" to check the price for QueGee's requested materials:

  • Construction Paper (2 packs): $3.29 x 2
  • Pack of 250 toothepicks: $0.99
  • Dental Floss: $1.79
  • Additional Balsa Wood: $5

Total Tiny Art Grant Award: $14.36

Congratulations QueGee!