Templini of Flux

Balsa participants have been clamoring at our diminutive door wanting to know about this year's temple…

"I've stack of post-it's where I write every minor quibble and fleeting frustration I've had through out the past year! Only by watching the tiny temple burn will I be able to find closure on each and every one of these 200 annoyances… oh wait make that 200 and 1" ~ Johnny Driftwood

Well Johnny, we are happy to announce that not only will there will be a temple this year, but it is being built by the same artists that built the Temple of Reduced Expectations in 2008! The amazing team of J-Rad & SparkleBottom, who were also part of the Balsa Man Kcrew, have taken on the task of building a beautiful structure that will assuage at least a handful of your limited grievances:

The Templini of Flux!

Templini of Flux (front)

Templini of Flux (back)

The Black Pebble Arts Foundation has awarded the Templini of Flux the full amount requested, $20, which is the largest grant we've handed out this year! The BPAF would like to support other star projects at this high amount but we won't be able to without your support. So please donate today to support more of the tiny art you love and get your own Balsa Man 2010 patch and sticker!

We are all truly excited and can't wait to see it standing proud on la playa. Construction has already begun on the Templini and you can see the detail and care going into it from this photo posted by J-Rad.

Templini under construction, by J-Rad