Temple of Baby Steps

We are overwhelmingly excited for this year's Temple! We weren't even sure for a while there that there would be a temple this year.

Unfortunately, when grant committee member Sunshine saw the front of the postcard she suddenly leaped out of her chair and ran out screaming "Not Happy Birthday!!! Not Happy Birthday!!!" The last time Sunshine reacted so vehementally to an art grant request was for the Roving Hoagie back in 2009. After waiting a whole 6 minutes for Sunshine to get back, the committee decided to go on without her.

Temple of Baby Steps by Morley (front)

Temple of Baby Steps by Morley (back)

Ms. Morley Roarly, the artist who submitted this proposal, was involved in 2009 with the Balsa Man Krew and is a well recognized tiny artist. We are honored to have her take on the mantle of building the temple for 2011.

Some on the committee were concerned by the lack of any sketch or even hint at a design, but in the end it was agreed to award her the grant based on her meticulous handwriting and the theme-perfect name The Temple of Baby Steps. Congratulations Ms. Morley Roarly, the Black Pebble Arts Foundation has awarded you a nearly-full request of $34.90! *

*Randy Razorwire demanded we minus 10¢ for misspelling the word bourbon.