Teenystarter: Wee Fundraising

teenystarter, wee fundraisingAnnouncing Teenystarter, wee fundraising for tiny artists! Tiny artists set a meager monetary goal and if they reach that goal they get to keep all the proceeds.

Due to the minute amounts of these goals, donations can only be made in person (either directly to the artist or to a BPAF representative). We are beginning this wonderful program with two Teenystarters:

Teenystarter: The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art (Goal: $10.64)

Due to the BPAF shrug bylaw The Cafe That Wanted To Be Art did no get the full funding they requested. In order to make up the $10.64, QueGee has announced she will be raising funds at this Sunday's San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party.

Of course, admission to Tiny Art Build Party is free. The CTWTBA Fundraiser will be hosted at the same location, with suggested donation of separate sliding scale of 1¢–25¢ per person with all proceeds going to the CTWGBA Teenystarter. QueGee will also be accepting small donations for her teenystarter in person prior to the event.

Teenystarter: Black Rock Balsa Man Regional (Goal: $20)

Steve Courtney will be having a fundraiser for the Black Rock Balsa Man Regional and his small camp Fandango this Thursday, 6-10pm, at The Sycamore (2140 Mission Street, SF).

Voluntary admission fee at the door, (pay whatever you want) and that will get you Happy Hour prices all night. If you come down and donate a few bucks to us at the door, you get to knock a buck off your beer and/or wine all night. Also, PBR is $2 and Miller High Life is $3. A percentage of the door donations go to the Black Rock Regional Teenystarter; the rest goes to Fandango so they can afford to buy a camp chair or two.

In addition: there will be a Balsa Man Regional "Build-Night" in the back yard. You can come down and build tiny art to be burned in the desert, even if you aren't going. (Tiny art materials will be supplied, but feel free to bring your own if you have a specific project in mind.)

Fandango & Black Rock Balsa Regional Fundraiser Happy Hour Thursday, Aug 19th, 6pm-10pm The Sycamore (2140 Mission Street, SF)


The BRD Balsa Man Regional received it's first Teenystarter relatively large donor! Carnivillian, photographer and blogger of TheBlight.net has donated $6.66 towards their meager goal!