San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party, Aug 22st

Lanterns built for the Balsa Man 2009 base, photo by Colin

Lastly but certainly not leastly, San Francisco will have it's own Tiny Art Build party on Sunday Aug 22st from noon to 8pm. (Note has been changed was originally the 21st) The great Rick Abruzzo, master sausage chef, event organizer, and more,  has offered to host the SF Tiny Art Party at Chez Poulet, 3359 Cesar Chavez (at Mission), San Francisco.

Chez Poulet is a huge location with plentiful space for all number of tiny art projects. Those who have been to Chez Poulet know that it is also special in that it has no doorbell; thus, there will be a number to call posted on the front door.

Note to the allergy prone and the ailurophobic: there is a cat.

Build Party FAQ

  • Will there be free food and booze?
    • Maybe but don't count on it. The grill will be running but it’s up to you bring something to put on the fire. There is also an impressive kitchen and if you ask nicely our host may let you use it. Also, while it’s not required, anyone who brings potluck food will be greeted with joyful squeals of glee!*
  • Will there be art materials & tools for me to use?
    • The BPAF has donated some art materials (wood and glue) and tools (pencils, knifes, and rulers); however is is highly recommended that you bring your own art supplies/tools.
    • In-kind donations of extra art materials are always welcome!*
  • Can I buy patches and stickers to help support tiny art at the event?
  • Can I hand deliver my art grant proposal at the event?
  • I have fear of leaving the East bay/South bay

Particularly bountiful (or delicious) in-kind donations of art materials or shared food will be receive a special gift from the Black Pebble Arts Foundation.

We hope to see you and your creativity at the San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party!