San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party, Thursday Aug 18th

Balsa Betty being built at the 2010 Tiny Art Party

Are your Xactos sharp? Is your glue ready to stick? Got wood?

Actually I don't care what your answer is come anyway, even if you only have an ounce of an idea and not a scrap of balsa. Supplies will be provided as will the creative spirit! You may walk away inspired or just have fun lending a hand to other tiny artists trying to realize their small dream.

This art party is welcome to Tiny Artists who are attending the main event or the Black Rock Balsa Regional. The Black Rock Regional Lead, Feral will be there if you have any questions about the regional or if just want to congratulate her!

San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party

Thursday Aug 18th 6:30pm to 11pm-ish Location is near Guerrero and 16th St in the Mission. Email for exact location.

Note to the allergy prone and the ailurophobic: there are cats.

RSVP on the Facebook event page

Build Party FAQ

  • Will there be free food and booze?
    • Maybe but don't count on it. While it’s not required, anyone who brings potluck food will be greeted with joyful squeals of glee!*
  • Will there be art materials & tools for me to use?
    • The BPAF has donated some art materials (wood and glue) and tools (pencils, knifes, and rulers); however is is highly recommended that you bring your own art supplies/tools if you have a specific project in mind.
    • In-kind donations of extra art materials are always welcome!*
  • Can I buy tickets, patches and stickers to help support tiny art at the event?
    • but of course! As long as we have received them in time.
  • Can I hand deliver my art grant proposal at the event?
  • I have fear of leaving the East bay
    • There will be likely be an Easy Bay Tiny Art Party later this month.

*Particularly bountiful (or delicious) in-kind donations of art materials or shared food will be receive a special gift from the Black Pebble Arts Foundation.

We hope to see you and your creativity at the San Francisco Tiny Art Build Party!