Tiny Art Grant Award: Pig-E-Smalls

We were surprised that this art grant proposal fit through the mailbox. Measuring a whopping 7 7/16 inches wide, 5 3/8 inches tall, and 1/4 inch deep, this foam-core grant proposal could only be called a postcard in the barest sense of the word.

Now some may assume that the Balsa Man Org may have a bias against the artificial and non-burn-freindly material foamcore. It is true of course that the Black Pebble Arts Foundation does have a member of the Balsa Lobby on it's board; however, this in no way influences our the the decisions of the BPAF tiny art grant review committee. Also, we understand that  some artists were trained in this foamcore medium and have yet to acquire the proper training to work in balsa wood.

No matter our feelings regarding foamcore, the entire tiny art grant review committee was ecstatic about this tiny art car proposal. Between this and Lil Contessa we are uncertain which tiny art car we are eagerly anticipating most. Also, we are all in agreement that this is one of our favorite art grant proposal designs yet!

Pig-E-Smalls (front)

Pig-E-Smalls (back)

Congratulations Simon on your amazing Pig-E-Smalls tiny art car! The BPAF has decided to award you $15 plus 31¢ so that next time you can afford proper postage.