Philadelphia Balsa Regional, Sept 4th

Philadelphia Balsa Man Regional

Balsa Man is having it's first East Coast Regional in Philadelphia! The city of brotherly love will have it's very own Philly Balsa Man Regional Burn on Sept 4th!

Leading the charge as the Philadelphia Regional Lead is the excellent Andrzej "Yeti" Bejnar. Who like the other two Regional Leads is also an experienced desert camper_—what is it with these desert campers? That's three in a row now!?!_

Where & When

Philadelphia Balsa Man will be on Saturday, 4 September 2010. RSVP to the Facebook Event Page.

Tiny artists and other participants should arrive by 6pm. If you arrive too late you will miss seeing all the tiny art. The location will be along the Riverfront with exact details to be announced.

The main Philly Balsa Sculpture will burn shortly after sunset. Balsa burns fast so arrive on time!

Participate & Make Tiny Art!

Philadelphia Balsa Man is a participatory event and we encourage you to get involved. For more information on how you can participate please contact Andrzej at

Also, Andrzej will be hosting a Balsa Man Philly Regional gathering and Tiny Art Build Party on August the 6th from 6pm till 2am or later @ BookSpace at 1113 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia Pa 19125. Some art materials will be on hand for people to make tiny art, but artists are encouraged to bring their own supplies too. BookSpace is actually a great place for people to come down anytime and make tiny art!

August 6th is also the First Friday (of the month) open gallery night on the Frankford Ave Art Coorridor so it's a good opportunity for people to meet and collaborate on making tiny art for Philly Balsa Man as well as meet for other art projects.

![Andrzej "Yeti" Bejnar, Philly Balsa Regional Lead](/images/n1662153169_154839_8243834.jpg "Andrzej "Yeti" Bejnar, Philly Balsa Regional Lead")

Other build events are also being planned at coffee shops like Higher Grounds Cafe (Psst, hey Andrzej I hear coffee stirrers make great art materials!) and other local art centers.

It sounds like there is already a horde of minuscule excitement brewing in Philadelphia, to Yeti tell it:

"There is a large community of [Black Rock Desert campers] in these parts from many walks of life and art. Tiny art, tiny hoolahooping, tiny poi, tiny nurners, tiny tiny. Its all tiny-good and will be all tiny(ish)! We are really psyched."

Andrzej promises more information over the next coming week. We will post that information here as we receive it but the best place to follow is the Philly Balsa Man Regional Facebook event page.

If you'd like to get involved, please contact Andrzej "Yeti" Bejnar at or find him on facebook.