New England Balsa Man Regional

The following is written by Abe Shultz…

The New England Black Rock Desert Camper Regional, Firefly, usually has a giant bug as the effigy, and this year somehow ended up with a woolly mammoth. In that spirit of change and growth, and in line with the "Growing Pains" theme of this year's Balsa Man, participants at the NE Balsa Man regional will burn a 2' effigy of a glowworm. This insect symbolizes our hopes for illumination and the difficulties of ecydysis yielding to mature awareness (and becoming a full-grown bug).

Abe Shultz

Abe Shultz is the regional contact for the New England Balsa Man Regional. He has been attending Firefly for the last four years, as a member of SSRI and Totenkitten. His art has not injured the unwary, but there is always next year.

The regional will take place on Saturday September 3rd somewhere sandy in the Boston/Cape Cod area with the exact time and location to be determined. If you would like to get involved or find out more you can contact Abe at

The Balsa Man Org continues to encourage new regional balsa burns around the country and the world! If you would like to host your own regional burn and are interesting in receiving a tiny art grant please review our Balsa Regionals page.