Get Your Snack On!

Our fifth installment of Forging Community comes from Dawn Stott who writes about that lightly refreshing center of the Balsa Man Community the Itty-Bitty Balsa Cafe!

It's all smiles at the Balsa Man Cafe, photo by Miikka Skaffari

Here, at The Itty Bitty Balsa Cafe, we are just a little excited about our humble facility. There will be tiny taste treats and delicious nibbles, along with sips of this-and-that to savor during a quick break from your truncated journey through this veritable village of forged dreams.

Our small mission is to craft an environment wherein brief encounters of light-hearted social interplay may create the minutest amount of drama so-as to stimulated co-creativity without the need for a drama-free zone. But. Just in case. There will be a wee dunce cap in the corner for those wishing to be placed on personal alert to self-moderate any larger expressions of dynamic character. We want everyone to have an equally wholesome good time.

As such, we keep our menu limited for the purpose of maintaining the main focus of short, interconnected, collaborative moments. The cafe is a place where you can pause to reflect upon the tidbits of talent that adorn Tiny Art Main Street. Perhaps you will meet a tiny artist? Share a tiny treat? Crack a quick smile? Then move along

When you do return to the clement environment of our fair shores, kindly refrain from tromping upon the art.