Dress Warm Returns Once Again

After getting rave reviews and plenty of thank you intoxicants for last year's issue of Dress Warm, the Dress Warm staff has decided to release an issue for Balsa Man 2011! They had this to say:

Really this is the last time — we swear on our grandmother's grave. We worked are asses off on this issue so you all better actually read the whole thing this time!

In case you missed last year's issue of Dress Warm here's a PDF of the issue! Dress Warm, September 2010 [pdf]

Pre-release copies of the 2011 issue of Dress Warm will be available at tonight and tomorrow's Balsa Social! Of course, Dress Warm will also be available at the Balsa Man event and the Balsa Black Rock Regional.

And here is a exclusive sneak peak at the cover for the 2011 issue of Dress Warm!

Dress Warm cover 2011