Dress Warm is back!

We've just heard the news that after a couple year hiatus, Balsa Man's favorite alternative newspaper Dress Warm is back! Here's the word direct from the Dress Warm staff:

"We stopped writing Dress Warm because it was just too fucking hard to write and produce multiple issues out on the beach in the space of only a few hours. But then we took a couple years off and got bored with not having an outlet for our snark. We were thinking of changing the name to the Balsa Village Weekly but that just sounded lame. There will only be one issue this year, but we promise it'll be the best issue of Dress Warm you've ever read."

And we have a exclusive sneak peak at the cover for this year's Dress Warm!

Dress Warm 2010 Front Cover

Get your copy at this year's Balsa Man! Also, this is the first year Dress Warm will be delivering copies to the Black Rock Desert Balsa Man Regional! So if you are stuck out in the desert make sure to stop by Fandago during the Regional on Friday 5-6pm for your copy of Dress Warm.


You can now download a PDF of Dress Warm 2010!