Calling all Tiny Artists!

Monkey and the Snake, photo by akbuttercupThe Black Pebble Arts Foundation is open for tiny art grant proposals!

Last year, of the 33 tiny artists who applied for tiny art grants only one was turned down—I can't remember why they were declined but I'm sure the BPAF committee had a good reason. And yet we couldn't help but notice that there were a number of tiny artists who brought tiny art to Balsa Man yet didn't submit for a tiny art grant. We encourage all tiny artists to submit grants for this years Balsa Man for there is no better way to be inspired and to inspire others than to see your awarded grant enshrined on the Balsa Blog!

Proposals should be sent to the BPAF on a postcard with a 100–200 word description and/or sketch of your tiny art project. The BPAF committee prefers to receive postcards in the mail; however, we do accept scanned postcard proposals or digital artwork. Please contact for the mailing address. For more details on how to submit for a grant is on the Tiny Art & Grants page.

And remember the tiny art budget depends on you! Donate to the BPAF to support tiny artists!

And yes Balsa Man 2010 Patchs & Stickers are in production!