Black Rock Balsa Regional 2010, Sept 3rd

Steve Courtney, Black Rock Balsa Man Regional Lead

We are proud to announce that Steve Courtney has stepped up as this year's Black Rock Regional Lead! Steve and his desert pals have a small camp they call the Fandango Village where they have generously offered to host the Black Rock Balsa Man Regional:

"As a second-year participant in the Black Rock Balsa Man regional, I have a little bit of experience, and a smidgen of enthusiasm that I intend to bring to the event. Please stop by the Fandango Village bar to help in Tiny Art-Building Happy Hours, from 5-8pm on Wednesday and Thursday before the regional burn. 3:30 and Esplanade."

While I personally know nothing of this desert many seem so fond of, I imagine Fandango Village bar is a nice cozy camp with a small shade structure and a couple camp chairs—I mean really what more do you need?

Black Rock Balsa Man RegionalBlack Rock Balsa Man Regional

Friday Sept. 3rd 5pm-6pm be on time as basla burns fast! Fandango Village, 3:30 & Esplanade facebook event page

Participate: Make Tiny Art in the Desert!

Fandango is inviting tiny artists to join them at the Fandango Village bar for Tiny Art Build Happy Hour on Wednesday, Sept 1st and Thursday the 2nd, from 5-8pm. Facebook event for the Tiny Art Build Happy Hour

We also encourage people to come to any of the upcoming bay area Tiny Art Build Parties and make tiny art before they leave for the desert.

Everyone here at Balsa Man HQ are truly thrilled that Steve Courtney and his small coterie of camping pals have stepped up offer a modicum of fun to those camping in the Black Rock Desert. last year's Black Rock Balsa Regional seemed like it was a itty bitty blast! We hope that this diminutive event inspires these desert campers to get up off of their camp chairs and one day make their own event—maybe even something bigger than Balsa Man!