Balsa Man Opera (Grant Awardee)

The BPAF was just discussing the other day how Balsa Man needed to expand its art horizons and with the event growing it would behoove the event to curate some star attractions with more refined artistic sensibilities.

Distinguished artist and musician Fred Rinne

Lo and behold, what did we receive in the mail but a letter from the esteemed stained glass artist and distinguished ducterido musician Fred Rinne. Opening the letter we found an art grant proposal for the Balsa Man Opera, a 10 (or 15) minute opera "vaguely relevant to Forging and Village themes!"

Now normally we prefer postcards but this was an exception and it's only fitting that the grant request for an opera be sent as a letter. It was a unanimous vote* to award Fred Rinne $5 and whatever glowsticks we can find towards the Balsa Man Opera!

Opera Casting

In keeping with the fleeting nature of Balsa Man, Fred will be casting actors and musicians for the opera at the Balsa Man event immediately prior to the performance. If you are a musician with an accordion  or other suitable instrument or have a good singing voice, please bring yourself and your instrument. If you would like to contact him earlier, he will also likely be at the Oakland Tiny Art Build Party making props for the Opera.

Balsa Man Opera, by Fred Rinne

*as long as you count the committee member Razorwire who, after showing up late, told us all what he thought of Opera with a simple finger gesture—his arm was raised though so under our bylaws it counted.