Balsa Man is Back!

Watching the Balsa Man burn 2008 (photo by Orin)

I, more than anyone, is surprised to be bringing Balsa Man back. The first Balsa Man in 2008 was done nearly on a whim, but I knew I had to do it again after seeing the smiles on everyone's faces in the meager light of the burning balsa.

After five solidly amazing years, in 2013, I made the final decision to not host another Balsa Man event and close down the Balsa Man Org office. I'd like to say it was a hard decision to make but it really wasn't. I had done all I had set out to do creatively with the event and more so. Popularity in it had grown and I would have had to make some drastic changes in order for it to continue. The creative spirit of Balsa Man was by that point fully infused in the world and I thought it was better to let it go — either to mutate or fade into pleasant memory.

I've gone on and done numerous other amazing art projects that I'm proud of in the past few years. Still I have thought about Balsa Man often. As have others, judging by how many people have said they would love to Balsa Man rise again. That's why when I got a call this past Spring from the Oakland Museum of California, I immediately knew it was time — time to bring my cutting boards and X-Acto knives out of storage!

Looking forward to see all you bitty balsa burners in Balsa Man 2020!

Colin Fahrion
Founder of Balsa Man