Balsa Man Founder Heads to The Desert

The Black Rock Balsa Regional is the longest running Balsa Man regional event. For the past 3 years, an seasoned desert camper has lead the Regional as a small bit of entertainment for other (likely bored) desert campers out in the Black Rock Desert.

Colin at Balsa Man 2008 - photo by romzelinoColin at Balsa Man 2008 - photo by romzelino

This year, the Balsa Man founder, Colin Fahrion, has decided to head to the desert to see for himself what it's all about and to lead the Black Rock Regional himself. He will be traveling to the desert on Sunday and staying a few days to check it out before heading back to San Francisco for the Balsa Man main event.

The regional will be held this year at Phage (5:00 and Esplanade) on Wednesday at 5pm. Please bring your tiny art and celebrate with other tiny revelers on the small scale! Phage will also be hosting a Tiny Art Build party at 2pm prior to the regional for those of you who have yet to make any tiny art.

Black Rock Balsa Regional

Wednesday, August 29th

Phage (5:00 and Esplanade)

2pm — Tiny Art Build Party Come build tiny art for the burn! Supplies available!

5pm — Balsa Regional Burn Arrive on time because balsa burns fast!

Facebook event page

On a side note, Tuesday Aug 28th is Colin's birthday so you if you are one of those crazy desert camper's say wish him a happy one! Who knows he may even give you a Balsa Man sticker or even a ticket to Balsa Man!