Balsa Man 2010 Survival Guide

Wee Ranger, photo by Sandwichgirl

Your survival is your responsibility please make sure you read all of this survival guide and the Health & Safety section of the Terms & Conditions.

Arrival Information

We encourage all to arrive by 6pm on Sept 4th to view the tiny art and mingle with the other Balsa Man Participantsdon't be late because Balsa Man is as short as it is tiny.

Early arrival time for Balsa Man volunteers and Tiny Artists is 5:15pm. Participants may actually arrive as early as they want; however, Basla Man DTW has the right to ridicule those who arrive way too early for their own good. It should be noted that there is no camping.

There are no tickets to Balsa Man; however, we welcome your donations which help support tiny art!

Car pooling is recommended as parking may be difficult depending on the location. No need to cram people in the trunk as your car will not be searched at the gate, nor your person—in fact there isn't even a gate. However, we encourage Balsa Man Greeters. Also, we need volunteers to create this year's Balsa Burma Shave signs.

Location Information

Balsa Man takes place on the coast of San Francisco. Exact location and directions to Balsa Man will be announced a few days prior to the event via and only on the Tiny Mail List. If you want to come make sure you join this list!

The Balsa Burn

The Balsa Man himself will burn at twilight (8pm). Balsa burns fast so if you show up late or even blink you may miss it! After the man has been reduced to cinders, we will have a solemn ceremony for the burning of the Temple(s)—we had two temples last year. Tiny artists who would like to set their art aflame can do so after the Temple ceremony.

Departure Decorum

Balsa Man ends shortly after 9pm. Please be prepared to clean up and leave shortly after the Balsa Man event is over.

Balsa Man is a Leave No Trace event. Please pack your trash out and do your part by helping the artists and organizers clean up after the event is over.

Drive safe! If you choose to drink at Balsa Man make sure to plan for a designated driver ahead of time. Also, do not twitter and drive! If you must tweet about how much you enjoyed Balsa Man, tweet before you begin driving.

Beach Survival

Balsa Man participants should bring all necessities they need to survive a few hours on the beach. Balsa Man guidelines for beach survival are:

  • It can get a mite chilly so bring a jacket and maybe gloves and a hat.
  • Once the sun sets, it'll get dark so bring a flashlight.
  • You might want to bring a drink or a snack.
  • There is no lifeguard on duty.

And lastly…


We hope to see you at Balsa Man 2010!