Balsa Blighty Update!

From Miss Cheeky herself…

Balsa Big Ben

Balsa Big Ben is 99% complete and we are putting on the finishing touches Sunday.  We've been hard at work cutting, swearing, gluing, drinking, sanding, and throwing our arms up in frustration... this last bit was when we found ourselves out of both glue and drink. Oh dear! We have powered through the difficult times and managed to get done without firing any volunteers or having any visits to medical professionals.

The Balsa Blighty Tiny Art Team met last night to review art grant submissions and a £5 art grant was awarded to Super Chicken of Balsa Blighty - a 6-8inch tall Super Chicken/ Rooster. It's more of a Chicken so we shall call him a Chicken. He is made from several customized sizes of strike-on-the-box matches and clear glue. The frame of his body at least, the exterior of him will be covered in raffia of several colours depending on the location and appropriate colour. Cardboard may also be involved as well as a mysterious 3rd foot to make sure he stands upright.

Our other art projects include:

  • Tiny Nowhere Omnibus - scheduled, on-time, public transport and tiny art tours. Complete with tiny passengers. Ding! Ding!
  • Greening Balsa Blighty - trees trees everywhere making Balsa Blighty a greener sight to behold for all, tiny or otherwise.
  • Mini Quixote's Cabaret - the playa's favourite British pub in a wee size!

We have also heard rumours of doves, mini ball bits, a flea circus acting as rangers, and perhaps even a tiny Gladys the Green Goddess. Gladys is part of the Nowhere Fire Service and is a much loved member of our community - more about the big size can be found on the Facebook page

I'm back to sniff some more balsa glue and finish the Big Ben!

I'm so excited for this! And we found a great location too! For location information for Balsa Blighty email