Balsa Blighty – London Balsa Man Regional, Sept 4th

Balsa Blighty - Tiny Art in the Big SmokeBalsa Blighty Tiny Art in the Big Smoke

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Balsa Blighty is the first transatlantic Balsa Man regional in London, England. Lead by Miss Cheeky, Balsa Blightly aims to bring tiny art to the Big Smoke—giving Balsa Man a bit of British flavour!

All tiny artists in the tiny town of London are invited to join Balsa Blighty and show off their tiny art in a big way. Tiny art enthusiasts are welcome too.

Where & When

Balsa Blighty will be on Saturday, 4 September 2010.

Tiny artists and other participants should arrive by 6pm. If you arrive too late you will miss seeing all the tiny art and might only be faced with ashes.

The sunset is at 7.40pm and the main Balsa Blighty sculpture will burn shortly after the sun can no longer be seen. All other tiny art will burn after the main Balsa Blighty burn. Tiny art should only be burned by those that created it.

Location to be announced at a later date. Follow the facebook event page or the @balsablighty twitter stream for more announcements.

WANTED: Tiny Art for Basla Blighty!

Are you a tiny artist? Do you love tiny art? Do you find your artistic dreams are not being met on a small enough scale? Do you think big things in small size?

Balsa Blighty encourages tiny artists of all sizes to make tiny art. Please contact if you are planning to bring tiny art or if you would like more information.

Tiny art should be, well tiny, and at least close to 1/16th scale. Tiny art should not dwarf the main Balsa Blighty sculpture. Your burn should be as tiny as your art – there should be no bonfires.


Balsa Blighty is a participatory event and we encourage you to get involved. For more information on how you can participate please contact

Leave No Trace

Balsa Blighty is a leave no trace event. Please ensure that the ashes of your tiny burn are cleared up as well as anything you may have brought with you. As it will be dark during this time we encourage you to bring a torch or a headlamp with you. Please also bring a bin liner or carrier bag for your rubbish.

Friendly Notices

Balsa Blighty is a BYOB event. We encourage you to bring with you whatever you might want to drink whilst you enjoy the tiny art. And since we all know sharing is caring, we encourage you to bring some to share with others.

Please do not play Godzilla amongst the tiny art. Be mindful where you are stepping.

To stay abreast of the event, follow the facebook event page or the @balsablighty twitter stream.