2009 Flickr Group

Are you an artist working in miniature for a Balsa Man project?

Are you somebody attending either of the l'il get togethers this Labor Day weekend, at the Mothership in San Francisco or up at the Regional Balsa Burn up in the Black Rock Desert?

Do you have a digital camera and a penchant to want to show off your snaps? If so, then please consider joining the Balsa Man Flickr group!

For inspiration, please consider what our lovely, talented friends did with last year's Flickr group.

Temple Construction

For example… there are recent additions up documenting the Temple Build. It's almost like being there!

My Friend Flocka

Also, there is the wonderous, whimsical, widdle (okay, that's a stretch for an alliteration) version of Flock! You may remember seeing a large version of this project in the San Francisco Civic Center or possibly you saw it at an art festival somewhere. Well now you get to see it in miniature!

If you have pictures from this or last years' Balsa Man builds or events please contact Colin on Flickr. Tiny art makes big memories, so be sure to share yours!